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Books and Publications 2014-2015
Dr. K.S. Antonysamy

- Stakeholders' Opinions and Expectations: Standard Setting for Language Learning and Teaching - Article published  in The Journal of English Language Teaching (A Peer-reviewed Journal) ISSN 0973-5208 in  Sep, 2014  

Dr. V. David Jeyabalan
  • - Published an article in the Scholastic International Research Journal for English Language and Literature by the department of English, Ethiraj College for Women in February 2015. ISBN 978-81-7966-273-1
  • - Published an article in the book, ‘New Trends in English Language Teaching' by the Department of English, Govt. College for Women, Srikalahasti.

Dr. P. Mary Vidya Porselvi
  • - Published an article titled, ‘Green Intrinsic Value Enterprise- GIVE for Sustainable Development' ISBN 978-81-8209-134-4 in  International Seminar on ‘The Impact of Sustainable development on global corporate environment'-Patrician College of Arts and Science in August 2014
  • - Published an article titled, ‘Seeds of Consciousness: An Eco-critical Reading of the Nature Parables of Jesus' - ISSN 2249-250X in Interdisciplinary Research Journal for Humanities ( A Peer-Reviewed Journal)- St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai in December 2014.
  • - Published a book titled ‘Bhoomi Tales' – A collection of Nature centred tales by the Centre for Social Work and Research- MACT India- ISBN – 978-81-928397-0-7 in February 2015

Ms. Pearline Paulraj
  • - Published an article in Lingaya's International Refereed Journal of English Language and Literature. ISSN: 2348-161 .

Dr. I. Felicita Mary Prabha
  • - Published an article in NOTIONS, Meerut ISSN: 0976-5247 , Volume: 5, No: 2, June 2014

Ms. N. Preethi Shanthi
  • - Published Task Based Language Teaching ISBN: 978 81 8371 670 3 by K.C.S. Kasi Nadar College of Arts and Science, Chennai
  • - Published Task Based Language Teaching For Rapid Language Development ISBN: 978 93 5212 059 8 by DRBCCC Hindu College, Pattabiram, Chennai

Mr. V. Immanuel
  • - Published an article titled ‘ Self as Transferable in Post-war Jewish Life: Reflections on Bernard Malamud's A New Life' ISSN 2349-5650 in the International Peer-reviewed Journal ‘Literary Quest.
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