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    Fr.Dr.S. Ignacimuthu, s.j.
    M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., D.Sc


    Director and Research Supervisor
    Specialization : Biopesticides, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

    Dr M. Gabriel Paulraj, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D


    Scientist and Research Supervisor
    Specialization: Biodiversity and Systematics

    Dr T.C. Santiago, Ph.D.


    Emeritus Scientist
    Specialization : Marine Biotechnology

    Dr K. Balakrishna, Ph.D.


    Emeritus Scientist
    Specialization: Phytochemistry

    Dr V. Seshadri, M.Sc., Ph.D.


    Emeritus Scientist
    Specialization : Phytochemistry

    Dr V. Duraipandiyan, M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD.


    Scientist and Research supervisor
    Specialization: Phytochemistry – Bacterial Control

    Dr K. Sivasankaran, M.Sc., M.Phil.,


    Scientist and Research supervisor
    Specialization: Insect Taxonomy Biodiversity

    Dr P. Pandikumar, Ph.D.


    Specialization: Ethnopharmacology

    Fr Dr Mariapackiam s.j. Ph.D.


    Scientist and Research supervisor
    Specialization: Biopesticide


    Mr S. Vinoth Lourduraj


    Office Secretary

    Mr M. Kothandan


    Lab Assistant

    Mr M. Victor Jothi



    Mr A. Stalin M.Sc.,M.B.A.,


    Mr R. Host Antony David M.Sc.,


    Mr D. Parandhaman M.Sc.,M.Phil,

    Specialization-Butterfly diversity

    Mr Vanlalhruaia M.Sc.,M.Phil.


    Mr C. Shankar M.Sc.,

    Specialization-Medicinal chemistry

    Mr M. Rajivgandhi M.Sc.,M.Phil.

    Specialization-Mosquito control

    Mr V. A. Kinsalin M.Sc.,


    Mr P. Saravanakumar M.Sc.,


    Mr M. Ramakrishnan M.Sc.,M.Phil.

    Specialization-Molecular breeding

    Mr Nagoor M. Mohammed M.Sc.,

    Specialization-Spider diversity

    Fr Erenius Toppo S.J. M.Sc.,

    Specialization- Ethnopharmacology-Diabetes

    Fr P. James Antony S.J. M.Sc.,


    Mr R. Govindaraj M.Sc.,M.Phil.

    Specialization- Mycology

    Mr Pratheesh Mathew

    Specialization- Insect diversity

    Mr S. Sylvester Darvin

    Specialization- Ethnopharmacology

    Mr Khanmi Kasomva

    Specialization- Gene silencing

    Mr S. Sivanandhan

    Specialization- Bio pesticides

    Mr S. Esakkimuthu

    Specialization- Ethnobotany

    Mr P. Ganesan

    Specialization- Mosquito control

    Mr A. Jackson

    Specialization- Microbiology

    Mr Ajeesh Krishna T.P.

    Specialization- Molecular breeding

    Mr S. Anand

    Specialization-Insect diversity

    Mr T. Maharajan

    Specialization- Molecular breeding

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Rev. Dr D. Selvanayakam, S.J.

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Rev. Fr. Justin Prabhu, S.J.
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