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Events Completed (January 2017)
The College reopened after Christmas vacation on 4th January 2017
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on “A Study on Social Support and Empowerment of Inter - State Women Migrants in Construction Sector in Chennai” - 5th January 2017 
Veethi Viruthu Vizha - 7th & 8th January 2017          
Organized by LSSS
Workshop on “Academic Writing” - 10th January 2017
Organized by WEPRO, Loyola College & Chennai Literary Festival
Talk on “Humanism” - 10th January 2017
Organized by Loyola Prolife Forum (Shift II)
A workshop on “Soft Skills” - 11th January 2017                              
Organized by Dept. of English
A session on “Thinking Process” - 12th January 2017
Organized by Forum for Intellectual Advancement Club
New Year & Pongal Celebration - 12th January 2017
Organized by Catholic Teaching Staff Association
Panel Discussion on “Child Wellbeing: Lessons, Issues and Challenges from Finnish and Indian Pre-school system” - 12th January 2017
Organized by FINDIgATE
LISSTAR & Dept. of Social Work
Youth day Celebrations- 12th January 2017
Organized by Department of Service Learning (Outreach )
Inauguration of Erode Chapter - 19th January 2017
Organized by Loyola Alumni Association
Commerce Alumni Meet – 19th January 2017
International Conference on "Prism of Possibilities - Business Opportunities and Challenges in global era"  - 19th & 20th January 2017
Organized by Department of Commerce
Book Launch on “The Role of Christians in the India's Freedom Struggle”
by Rev. Dr. M. Arockiasamy Xavier SJ (Principal, Loyola College) - 24th January 2017
Organized by Dept. of History 
in collaboration with LISSTAR
Special Lecture on Yassmin's Story - 24th January 2017      
Organized by LISSTAR
in collaboration with Dept. of Social Work
Orientation Programme for all Academic and Personal Mentors - 25th January 2017   
68th Republic Day Celebration - 26th January 2017 
Seminar on “Music as a power to unite” - 28th January 2017
Organized by Loyola Club of Performing Arts


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