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Events Completed (July 2017)
Public Lecture on "Jesuit Sources (Jesuit History in South Asia in 19th - 20th Century)" - 7th July 2017
Organized by
Department of History
in Collaboration with LISSTAR
Retreat for III Year UG Catholic Boys - 8th July 2017
Inauguration of First Year Post Graduate classes - 10th July 2017
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on “Forest Policy and Conservancy in the Nilgris” - 13th July 2017
Retreat for II Year UG Catholic Boys - 15th July 2017
A Two Day Hands on Workshop on “Machine Learning with R and LaTex for our Research Scholars” - 15th & 16th July 2017
Organized by
Loyola - Racine Research Institute
of Mathematics and Computing Sciences (LIMCOS)
Leadership Training Programme
for Class Representatives - 17th & 18th July 2017 {Shift I   ;   Shift II}
UGC Sponsored Special Lecture on “How Railways Shaped Everyday Life in Colonial India” - 19th July 2017           
Organized by Department of History
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on “The Merits & Demerits of GST (Goods & Services Tax)” - 20th July 2017
UGC Expert Committee Visit for Extension of Autonomy
to Loyola College (Autonomous) - 20th & 21st July 2017
Parent - Teacher Meeting - 22nd July 2017
Mass of the Holy Spirit - 24th July 2017
Symposium on GST - Challenges & Strategies - 25th July 2017 
Organized by 
Department of Visual Communication
Dept. of Visual Communication
Media Arts & BMM Animation
Inauguration of the Department Association - 26th July 2017   
Fresher's Day - 26th July 2017  
IGNACIO - Debate Competition - 26th July 2017
Inauguration of “Business Administration & Corporate Forum” - 26th  July 2017     
Organized by Dept. of BBA & B.Com CS
Inauguration of “Commerce Forum (2017-18)" - 26th July 2017
Organized by Department of Commerce (Shift - II)
An Orientation on “Writing for Media” - 26th July 2017
Organized by RCDA
Guest Lecture in “Nuclear Energy and its Benefits” - 27th July 2017
Organized by Department of Physics
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on “The Indian Diaspora in Malaysia” - 27th July 2017
Homage to St. Ignatius of Loyola - 28th July 2017 { Shift I  ;  Shift II }
Training Program on “Academic Mentoring” - 28th July 2017
Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola  - 31st July 2017


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