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Events Completed (November 2016)
Nov. 2016 Semester Examinations from 1st Nov. 2016 to 17th Nov. 2016
Jesuits of Loyola, Chennai, Garlanded the Statue of Veeramamunivar – 8th November 2016
Inauguration of Kerala Chapter – 19th November 2016
Organized by Loyola Alumni Association
College Reopened for Even Semester - 23rd November 2016
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on “Assam in Colonial Ethnography” - 24th November 2016
National Workshop on “Innovations in Water Resource Management in Educational Institutions” - 24th & 25th November 2016
Organized by LIFE and ERI
Training Program on “Academic Mentoring” - 25th November 2016
Inauguration of AURA club - 26th November 2016 
Common orientation for First Year Post Graduate students about the Rural Work Camp - 26th November 2016
Organized by Dept. of Service Learning (Outreach)
Inauguration of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) Shift 2 - 28th November 2016  
Inauguration of  Loyola Pro-Life Forum [LPLF] - 29th November 2016            
One Day Legal Awareness Programme - 30th November 2016
Organized by Forum for Loyola Women Students
in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Lawyers


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