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Completed Programs

Mercy In Motion Campaign

Campaign on Mercy in Motion (To Commemorate The Jubilee Year Of Mercy Declared By His Holiness Pope Francis) on the World Refugee Day

20th June 2016


Public Lecture

A Lecture on The Tamil Diaspora in Global History

14th July 2016


Special Lecture

A Special Lecture on Yassmin's Story

24th January 2017



Workshop on Forced Migration (Stateless, Refugees, IDP's and Mixed Migrants)

17th to 28th August 2016


Workshop on Research Methodology (For M.Phil & Ph.d Scholars)

9th to 13th December 2016


Book Launch

Book Title: Caste Victmization: A Study on the Dalits (Arunthathiyars) of Dalits

28th September 2016


Book Title: இந்திய விடுதலைப் போராட்டமும் கிறித்தவர்களும் (The Role of Christians In The Freedom Struggle)

24th January 2017


LISSTAR Discussion Forum

A Discussion on Russia-Iran Relations 1991-2010 and the India Factor

30th June 2016


A Discussion on Sharing the Experience of Living with Sahariya Tribes of Uttar Pradesh

21st July 2016


A Discussion on A Sociological Study on Social Capital and Risks of Non-Communicable Disease

28th July 2016


A Discussion on Organizational Culture: War Vs Aware

4th August 2016


A Discussion on Tamils Immigration to Burma (1850-1938)

1st September 2016


A Discussion on How Social Theories are made Easy?

15th September 2016

A Discussion on The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Research Paper

22nd September 2016


A Discussion on Mill-Hill Missionaries Contribution to Education in the Madras Presidency (1875-1926)

29th September 2016


A Discussion on Assam in Colonial Ethnography

24th November 2016


A Discussion on Demonetization of currency: Economic Implications

1st December 2016


A Discussion on Social Support and Empowerment of Inter-State Women Migrants in Construction Sector

5th January 2017


A Panel Discussion On Child Well Being: Lessons, Issues And Challenges From Finnish and Indian Pre-school System

24th January 2017

A Discussion on Unpacking the GST (Goods & Services Tax)
2nd February 2017     


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