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Director's cut. Loyola FM 107.4 is a community radio frequency set out to empower the neighbourhood of Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai. ‘It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on', Marilyn Monroe's powerful remark strikes a chord with the power and glory of the community radio that is transformative today. Community Radio pleads for you and pampers you. It tugs at your heart's strings.

What is so unique about Loyola FM 107.4? In contrast with television that triggers just an image on a viewer's brain, the radio creates millions of images in a million brains. Our community around is tiny and with a limited radius. We continue to create images of change and action. A much needed change in mind set, attitude and imagination unites the community and empowers the neighbourhood of Loyola. Our neighbourhood is our friend. We have target listeners with specific needs. Exclusively, the transgender, the visually challenged, the slum dwellers, the women, children, auto drivers, the vendors and students on campus are our partners.

Voice of People (Makkal Kural) is the signature programme of Loyola CR to bring out the feelings and expressions of the common people in and around our area. Slum dwellers have their voices heard by the authorities and through this programme we make them public. Their environment and connected concerns, their family and related issues, the whole community and their specific struggles are part of this programme. Creating awareness that they have the right to a dignified life is given utmost importance.


Our Community Radio is not a director's cut but vox populi(Makkal Kural). Loyola FM, is the voice of the people that continues to echo in our campus and around our street corners. It opens our ears to hear the voice of the voiceless, opens our eyes to see the unseen and opens our heart to empathise with the needy and underprivileged. So tune in and get inspired, Loyola FM 107.4 MHz.


Rev. Fr. Justin Prabhu SJ
Director, Loyola FM 107.4

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