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Tempo Forte' is what the Jesuits of Loyola College of Art and Science called the five days, spread over a few months, of intense, no-holds-barred, discussion on their ministry. The discussions were free ranging and ran their full course and resulted in concrete decisions and specific projects like the Loyola Students Support Services (LSSS). LSSS will provide financial, academic and personal support to students, particularly from our target groups. It will encompass counselling, mentoring, tuitions, and a host of activities that would provide platforms for self-articulation and for enhancement on self-esteem. The LSSS office was blessed and inaugurated on 22nd May 2014 by Rev. Fr. Francis Jayapathy SJ in the presence of Jesuits and other well wishers. Rev. Fr. Joseph Antony Jacob SJ is the First Director. .

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Rev. Fr. Justin Prabhu, SJ.
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