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Administrative - Technical Staff

Loyola Computing Services (LCS)
Mr. A. Clint Eastwood M.Com.,MBA.,M.Sc.(IT),PGDCA - Web Coordinator
Mr. A.B. Shankar Vadivel B.Tech.,DECE.,BCES - System Engineer
Mr. S. Savari Dass Santiago DECE - System Engineer
Mr. J. Rubert Jebastin Joy B.Sc., DECE - System Administrator
Mr. R. Varadhan DEEE - System Engineer
Mr. R. Subbiah BCA.,MBA (Systems),DCT - System Engineer
Mr. S. Peter Wenisch - System Administrator
Mr. V.P. Mohan Kumar B.Com.,MBA (Systems),DCHN - System Engineer
Mr. R. Ram Kumar B.Sc., PGDMLT
Mr. L.Vibin Brit M.Sc.,M.Phil.

Lab Instructors
Computer Science & MCA
Mr. P.S. Albert MCA.,M.Phil.
Mr. M. Somu M.Sc.(IT),M.Phil.
Mr. Sebastian Maria Joseph MCA.
Mr. M. Jeganseelan MCA.
Mr. Edmund Paul M.Sc.,M.Phil.
Ms. Amali Mary Bartina M.Sc.,M.Phil.

Mr. J.P. Preetham Raj M.Sc.


Mr. B. Ramesh M.B.A.
Mr. G. Kiran Prasad B.Tech



Semester Examinations, April 2018 from April 17 to May 10, 2018
Academic Staff Orientation - June 14, 2018
College Re-opens for the Senior Students on June 18, 2018

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Principal & Chairman
Rev. Dr. M. Arockiasamy Xavier, S.J.

Secretary and Correspondent & Web Master
Rev. Dr. S. Lazar S.J.
Assistant Webmaster
Rev. Dr. A. Louie Albert S.J.
Chief Editor
Dr. K. S. Antonysamy
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