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In God we trust, all others must bring Data

A great revolution is taking place in the field of “BIG DATA ANALYTICS". Statistics plays a major role in this revolution. The globalization and Information Technology revolution has opened many attractive positions for Statisticians.

We have designed a curriculum that suits the industrial requirement for Analytics. The curriculum also takes care of the students choosing Actuarial Science, Bio –Statistics, further research work in statistics and other areas of Statistics.

The Department has a rich tradition of competent, committed and well qualified staff to meet the needs of the students.

The students of the department of Statistics, Loyola College are well placed in various positions in the Universities, Industries, Analytics, Pharmaceuticals, Government organizations, etc all over the world.

"Join with us in this revolution of Data Analytics

Dr. S. Thobias

Head, Department of Statistics


Dr. C. Santharam, Former Professor & Head, Dept. of Statistics, passed away...

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