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The Department of History, since its inception in 1925, has been a splendour of glory and a grandeur diadem of Loyola College and it is recognised as one of the oldest departments. The department is reminiscent of the contribution of its stalwarts who have paved the way to success and glory through their hardwork and sacrifices. We take pride in the illustrious alumni who have passed out of the portals of this magnificent institution. 

We are committed and devoted to create a student-centric environment for providing wholesome education. The faculty of the department are dedicated, dynamic, highly motivated and talented. They are ever ready to support, guide and nurture the students. The classrooms are enabled with ICTs to make learning more interesting and interactive. Along with academics, the department also ensures that the students organise and participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, both within and outside the campus. 

The department is accelerating its pace in the field of research with all the faculty members actively engaged in constant research work and publication, which is an added feature of excellence. We take effort to organise lecture series, workshops, exhibitions and endowment lectures providing students with the opportunity to interact with noted historians from across the nation. The department collaborates with international universities on staff and student exchange programmes. 

As a part of the practice of learning through observation, the department arranges field visits to places of historical significance in every semester. The field visits highly benefit the student community by making learning more tangible and attractive. Self-paced learnings enabled through channels of byte-sized micro-learnings are the future in teaching-learning process. The department actively tries to incorporate such learning patterns to instill a sense of purpose among the students to achieve their goals. 

Dr. D. Anuradha
Head, Department of History


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