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Forum for Academic Excellence:

Guest Lecture on Subaltern Studies - August 23, 2022

பூனாச்சியும் நானும் - FAX Lecture - November 30, 2021

Guest Lecture on Foundation of Narrative Theory: A Study on Aristotle's "Poetics" - October 23, 2021

"When Learning is a Joy, Excellence becomes a Habit"

For the first time in the history of English Department, Loyola College, a Forum for Academic Excellence (FAX) was formed with the intention of facilitating a culture of healthy discussion and debate among colleagues and students on topics and books of academic and contemporary interest. The forum was initiated by Dr. Claramma Jose and Dr. K. S. Antonysamy.

Inauguration of Forum for Academic Excellence

The inaugural event of Forum for Academic Excellence (FAX) was organized on August 10, 2018 (Friday) in LIFE Hall. Dr Bernard D' Sami, Coordinator, LISSTAR gave an Introduction to Palestinian Crisis and this was followed by a Book Reading by Dr. Felicita on the same subject. An animated discussion followed. During the next session, Prof. Supriya made a presentation on Rap Song as Teaching and Learning Tool. The sessions were informal and enriching.

A Series of Invited Lectures

Dr William Robert Da Silva, a well-known sociologist and a Visiting Senior Professor for Liberal Arts with Communication and Design as frames of reference at the DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore delivered a series of invited lectures from September 07 to 29, 2018 on the following topics: Eco Literacy, Literary Theory - Post, Areas for Research, English & Comparative Literature. The month ended with a one day seminar on the Life and Works of the Nobel Laureate, V. S. Naipaul.  


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