In line with the hallmark of the Ignatian spiritual value of 'Cura personalis' meaning, 'care for the entire person', the Loyola Counseling Center (LCC) was established to identify and cater to the emotional and psychological needs of the student community that is multifaceted and confronted with diverse challenges of the present day world. There is an increasing demand for the students to be emotionally and mentally well-balanced, and to achieve higher academic prospects and pursuits. It is also seen that there is a high level of stigma attached to seeking help for counseling among students, staff and parents, since mental health issues are considered to be a taboo, often being relegated to the backburner.

•  The Centre envisions the high ideals of addressing and facilitating wholesome mental health and positive living. In order to overcome the intense taboo and the hesitancy that exists among students to approach counseling services, the centre is equipped with internal systems to make help more freely accessible, available, and convenient through a student-friendly approach. In addition, class-wise sessions are held from time to tome with the involvement of different departments, students, staff, parent groups and associations.

•  It shifts the focus from viewing mental health as a disease, to accepting it as a positive concept of wellbeing, self-potentiation and self-actualization.

•  It improves visibility and approachability through programs such as commemoration of special days pertaining to mental health through inter-departmental collaborations.

The Practice:
Loyola Counseling Center (LCC), formerly known as Aura Centre for Counseling, was started in 2014 with the motto "Shine from Within". Since then, the center has been steadily working and extending its services towards healthy emotional and mental wellbeing of the students and staff through remedial, rehabilitative and preventive methods of intervention.

The Centre addresses the needs and problems of the students at the Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Social levels. Contrary to the belief that counseling is only for severely mentally disturbed people, LCC helps students deal with the day-to-day problems, issues, crises and traumas they may face. Furthermore, it helps and guides them towards achieving development, potentiation and self-actualization by adapting healthy and effective coping strategies. This would facilitate a wholesome development leading towards Positive Mental Health.

Some of the common issues faced by students can be related to academics such as lack of concentration and focus on studies, absenteeism, memory, exam fear, adjustments, coping skills, decision making, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, assertiveness, anxiety, extreme fears, obsessions, depressions, suicidal behaviour, confusions, addictions of various types, handling relationships in personal and family life, social initiation, motivation and enrichment.

The following are the varied facets of LCC's undertaking:
I. Individual Counseling

II. Group Therapies

III. Department commemorations
International Day of Happiness - March 20
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - June 26
Suicide Prevention Day - September 10
International Peace Day - September 21
World Mental Health Day - October 10

IV. Aura Club
The club aims to guide the students towards self-potentiation and initiate peer guidance.
Aura Club also trains the students to identify, approach and help fellow students during times of emotional crisis and also act as referral channels to LCC.

V. Other areas of LCC's Active Participation:
•  Student Mentoring
•  Child Protection Committee
•  Disciplinary Committee
•  Grievance Redressal Committee
•  Special input sessions for students, parents, staff (both teaching & administrative)

"Let your light shine, and let it shine from within"

Annual Reports:-

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