Loyola Health Centre

Loyola Health Centre

Loyola Health Centre (LHC) was blessed and inaugurated by Rev. Dr Boniface Jeyaraj S.J., the then Rector on 31st March 2006. LHC offers clinical and medical assistance to the students and members of the staff on all working days between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm. Medical Officer is available for consultation. To provide optimal health care within the campus, the Loyola Jesuit Management takes care of the total expenditure incurred towards the creation of essential ambience, and clinical as well as pharmaceutical needs.

Rev. Dr. A. Louis Arockiaraj, S.J (Principal & Chairman)
Dr. J. A. Charles (Deputy Principal)
Dr. T. Guhan (Medical Officer)
Sr. Subedha (Nurse)
Dr. D. Robert Selvam (Member)

Ambience, Infrastructure, Clinical and Medical Service
Essential infrastructure is available for clinical examination of haemogram, blood sugar, lipid profile, liver function tests, renal function tests, routine urine analysis, seminal & sputum analysis, stool examination, serum analysis for Typhoid, Malaria, inflammatory disorders, blood grouping & cross matching, screening & identification of Tuberculosis and other bacterial and fungal infections, antibiotic sensitivity tests, pregnancy test and ECG.


Loyola Health Centre (LHC),
Loyola College, Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: 044-28178200 Ext-364