Men's Hostel

Men's Hostel

Loyola Men's Hostel First Year Selection List - III
Loyola Men's Hostel First Year Selection List - II
Loyola Men's Hostel First Year UG & PG Selection List - I
Loyola Men's Hostel Senior Students Selection List 2023-2024

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The Loyola College Hostel is basically a unit of Loyola College, is run by the Loyola College Jesuit Management for the benefit of the students from various walks of life. It subscribes to the ideals and objectives for which the college stands, namely love of God and of fellow human beings, genuine learning and responsible citizenship. 

The Hostel is administered by Fr Director who is assisted by a team of Deputy Director and Assistant Directors. Earnest and wholehearted cooperation is expected from the hostellers, parents and guardians towards making the hostel a homely, enjoyable and useful place.
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