Congratulations to Loyola Navy Cadets
R. Gowtam (20-UMT-053) & R. Hemnath (20-UCA-042)

Congratulations to Gokul Srinivas (21-UHT-069) - won 5 Gold Medals in the Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022, Brisbane, Australia

Congratulations to S. Om Prakash (20-UMT-205) - won the First Prize in the All-College Speech Competition

Congratulations to NCC Air Force Cadet Shilpa S. Joseph (20-UVC-041) secured 1st place in the Best Cadet Competition (IGC RDC 2022-2023), Madurai

Congratulations to S. Barath (20-UHT-30) - won the Bronze Medal in 4X400m Mixed relay at IAAF, World under 20-athletic championship.

Congratulations to Harish J (20-UMT-225) - Won "Second Prize" in the Essay Competition conducted by the
State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), Tamil Nadu.

Congratulations to Vishak Ratheesh Nair (20-PHT-006) - won the Gold medal at Online Quiz Contest themed "Nature Conservation"

Congratulations to M Sai Sundar (20-UEC-306) - The World Record of Maximum Online Certificates received in One Day

Congratulations to Vishak Ratheesh Nair (20-PHT-006) - won the Gold medal at Online Quiz Contest

Congratulations to Om Prakash V (18-UDJ-052) - won the Gold medal at National Silambam Championship

Congratulations to Navy Cadets Wisdom PS (18-UPH-242), Sheraph Christian (18-UPH-111) & Robert Newson E (18-UMT-258)

- Congratulations to NCC Naval Cadet S. Arun (19-UPH-042)

- Congratulations to Mr Neveanraj

Congratulation to NCC Airforce cadets
Flight Cadet Jude and Flight Cadet Praveen

- Congratulations to Cd Wisdom P S (18-UPH-242) &
Cd C. Seraph Christan (18-UPH-211)

Congratulation to NCC Army cadet S. Vara Prasad

- Congratulation to Flight Cadet Jude Paul Dhanaraj

- Congratulations to Flight Cadet Alan Maxwell, (Dept. of History) ;
Flight Cadet Samsan Kumar (Dept. of Zoology) ;
Flight Cadet George Js (Dept. of English) ;
Flight Cadet Sundar (Dept. of English)

- Congratulation to Harsha Vardhini V (19-UDJ-012)

- Congratulation to Flight Cadet Samson

- Students of Loyola College won the Overall Championship in Pride 2020

- Congratulation to NCC Army Cadet Surya Prakash

- Congratulation to NCC Army Cadets
Dhaya Dharshan (19-UBC-001) ; Carmel Raja (19-UCA-013) ;
Nelson (19-UEC-006) ; Sharad Guru Mishra (19- UMT-236)