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Industrial Revolution 4.0 calls for educational reform and thus came Education 4.0. Education 4.0 will be driven by the digital revolution and education has to embrace and integrate digital technologies in its teaching and learnings. Moreover, the students who come into our classrooms are digital natives and their learning styles are diverse but primarily driven by online mode. These should trigger the imagination of providers of Educational services to harness the potentials of digital technologies. Pandemic forced even the unprepared to move to a virtual mode of teaching and learning. These situations paved the way for the distinctive rise of e-learning and integration of education technology - language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software into instructional strategies. In the wake of the new normal, Loyola College has made a successful transition to online teaching and learning. Loyola College quickly formed a dedicated team of 25 teacher trainers and 20 technical assistants and created Loyola Edu Tech (LET). The sole purpose of this team was to accompany the staff to facilitate smooth online teaching. The introduction of Blended Learning as an integral part of teaching-learning by UGC has called for strengthening LET. Loyola College envisages Loyola Edu Tech (LET) to be a distinct academic vertical to design and deploy a Digital Educational Architecture to support robust teaching-learning activities.

Coordinator’s Desk

Dr. A. Amala Arokia Raj

Loyola EduTech
Life Science Buliding Third Floor
Loyola College, Chennai 600 034