School of Computational Sciences


The department of Mathematics was established in 1925 with a B.A. in Mathematics. The Honours course was integrated in 1927 and the first batch of students appeared for the B.A. Honours degree in 1930. The department was recognised as a Research department in 1984. The Racine Research Centre in Mathematics was established in 1991 on the occassion of the birth centenary of Fr. Charles Racine.

About the department:
There are many distinguished and leading Mathematicians in India and abroad, who are old students of the department.

An active Astronomy Club is attached to our department. A Telescope helps its activities along with some Astronomical Models and some other equipment provided by U.G.C. grants under COSIP.

The Department involves the U.G. students in the Industry-Interaction Programmes to develop their practical knowledge and skill in Mathematics.

A two-day International Conference on Teaching and Research in Mathematics Challenges and Developments (A tribute to Fr.C.Racine) was organised by the department.

Some of the industries, companies and organizations which collaborate with us at present are
(i) The Planetorium, Periyar Science and Technology Centre, Chennai-5.
(ii) BROADLINE Computer System Pvt. Ltd, Chennai-6.
(iii) Hi Tech Informatics, Chennai-10.
(iv) AVIN, Chennai-51.
(v) Anna Zoological Park, Kuduvancherry, Chennai.

About Fr. Charles Racine
He was born in France on 22nd July 1897. He entered the Society of Jesus on 25th October 1919 and was ordained as a priest on 25th August 1929. After having taken a D.Sc Degree in Mathematics in 1934 from the University of Paris, he came to India and worked at St. Joseph's College, Trichy, until he became the Head of the Department of Mathematics in Loyola College, Chennai in 1939. He continued to be the Head of the Department till his retirement in 1968. There is a galaxy of eminent mathematicians, who were his students, known for their significant contributions to research in Mathematics. He has authored three books and published a number of research papers. He was responsible for putting India on the map of modern Mathematics. In 1962, the French Government conferred upon him the title 'Legend of Honour' for his contribution to Mathematics and service in the cause of education in India. The French Ambassador came to Loyola College to award him the 'Accolade of Honour'. He was the president of the 38th Indian Science Congress, Bangalore, 1951.

Rev.Fr.Vion S.J. (1925-39)
Rev. Fr. Dr. Racine (1939-68)
Prof. K. C. Mathew (1968-89)
Prof. N. V.Varghese (1989-91)
Dr. M. L. Santiago (1991-'01)
Prof. A. Xavier (2001-'03)
Dr. M. Mary John (2003-'06 )
Dr. (Ms) Indra Rajasingh (2006-2011)
Dr. A. Victor Devadoss (2011-2015)
Dr. M. A. Basker (2015-2021)
Dr. D. Antony Xavier (2021 - )


Dr D Antony Xavier

Head of the Department,
Department of Mathematics,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 2817 8200 (Ext.326)