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Blessed you are, to be a Loyolite!

Loyola Student Support Services (LSSS) is one of the torch bearers and crucial gateways that converts the vision of Loyola College into the mission of the College, helping you find the appropriate path to make your light shine. In Loyola College, the temple of learning, LSSS is like holy of holies for the students coming from the poor and social backgrounds such as Orphans, Semi-orphans, Dalits, Tribals, Refugees, Migrants, Children of Folk artists, Gypsies, Academically Weaker Students, Physically and Visually challenged students regardless of their caste, language, religion and region. Since 2014, all student support services including academic help, financial aid, training in the arts and literature, midday meal, etc. have been brought under one roof called LSSS.

The impoverished and youth are given special preference by the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus and the Provincial Apostolic Preferences of the Jesuit Chennai Province. Therefore, we conduct summer camp to ignite them to higher education and employment opportunities. In Loyola College, we accompany the students from their entry to exit periodically and purposefully.

Apart from Government Scholarships, the lion's share of financial support to the deserving students is given by Loyola College management under Jesuit educational Support (JES). In addition to JES, Loyola Alumni, who are dispersed throughout the globe, provide a significant financial commitment to the education of students from neglected societal groups. Private scholarships are also incredibly available to the deserving students.

“Don't Curse the Darkness; Light a Candle” as the Chinese Proverb goes, we shall make the difference by educating the students from the bottom of the pyramid. As the LSSS tagline states, "Students are our Friends", the doors of LSSS are always open for you, and our team members are ever willing and compassionate enough to serve the needy in the greatest way. You are welcome to be a part of LSSS either as a beneficiary if you find yourself deserving and also as a generous donor to lend a supporting hand to make a tangible difference for the generation today for a better tomorrow. You could be one of them in making a BIG difference as the maxim of Loyola College goes, “Let your Light Shine” to be men and women for and with others.

Rev. Fr. Y. Poondy Rajan SJ

Director, LSSS


Rev. Fr. Y. Poondy Rajan SJ

Director, Loyola Students Support Services, CEF 01,
School of Commerce and Economics Building,
Loyola College, Chennai - 600 034.
Office Timings:: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Tel : 91-44-28178464