School of Human Excellence

Academic year 2022-2023 - Even Semester:-
BULLETIN - II Year UG Mathematics & Animation

The School of Human Excellence (SHE) is a special academic unit of Loyola College committed to offer Holistic Formation to every loyolite. Formation is central to Jesuit academic mission and thereby the Jesuit Higher Education commission adopted this model as an academic discipline in Loyola College. This formation process is oriented by a team of formators (professors with proven experience in life skills training) who play a central role in guiding students in their values-centered pursuit towards becoming men and women for and with others in the society. The faculty members prepare modules, design materials and engage students to reflect, self question, interact and exchange ideas about values and ethics in the biorhythms of human society.

Entwined with regular class sessions, the programme is tailored with a sequence of life skills training, skill development training, awareness / motivational talks, workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums and guest lectures.

Succession List of Deans
- Rev. Dr. C. Joe Arun SJ (2006-2008)
- Prof. G. M. James (2008-2011)
- Rev. Fr. V. Henry Jerome SJ (2011-2016)
- Rev. Fr. A. M. Jayapathy Francis SJ (2016-2019)
- Dr. Bernard D'Sami (2019-2021)
- Rev. Dr. A. Louie Albert SJ (June - Sept 2021)
- Rev. Dr. M.S. Joseph Antony Jacob S.J. (Oct 2021 onwards)


Rev. Dr. M S Joseph Antony Jacob, S.J.

Prof. M. Chandrasekar

Prof. V. Michaelammal