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Hindi was introduced in the Department of Oriental Languages as Part-1 Language in the year 1952. The Department has been catering to a multitude of students by equipping them with basic knowledge of Hindi through its Beginner Level and Advanced Level courses. Since the college became autonomous in 1978, the autonomy has given us greater freedom to frame new syllabi according to the changing needs and employment opportunities in various fields. This Department attracts students from different parts of India as well as overseas and the courses are carefully crafted on LSRW (Listen, Speak, Read & Write) Model to foster effective learning among students.

This Department was the first one in India to introduce Functional Hindi and Official Language Hindi at Undergraduate level as early as in 1978. In 1980, a course in Principles of Translation in Hindi was introduced. Another initiative taken by the department was the introduction of Banking Hindi in 1987 and Journalism in Hindi in 1990. Such courses equip students to face the challenges of the job market and create employability to skillfully work in Private and Government sectors. Our consistent efforts have yielded positive results in achieving academic excellence for the betterment of students.

The Department of Hindi has revised and restructured the syllabus with effect from 2019. The new syllabus helps students to understand the significance of the ancient, medieval and modern period of Hindi Language and Literature. Students are able to understand the moral values, social changes, political changes and economic development through the literature. Non-Major Elective is offered for non-Hindi speaking students at two levels - Hindi for Beginners and Hindi for Communication.

In the current academic year 2021-22, after the bifurcation of the Department of Oriental Languages, Hindi Department has started functioning as an independent department from the 21st of June 2021. With the recent development of award of Ph. D. Guideship in Hindi to the Head of the Department by the University of Madras, the Department has now become a full-fledged research department. It is to be noted that so far Loyola College is the only college in Chennai to be bestowed with this recognition.

This development has led to the introduction of Ph. D. Programme and more socially relevant research activities in Hindi leading to enhanced academic growth. Being an independent department will help us in organizing more seminars, workshops & conferences leading to academic enrichment. This has enabled better sharing and learning of knowledge in Hindi Language and it is an add-on to the academic vibrancy of the College. Such academic activities and initiatives will certainly help the institution scale newer heights at the national and international levels.



Dr Raj Shekhar

Head of the Department,
Department of Hindi,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 2817 8200 (Ext 375)