Loyola College

Office of Media Relations

Dr K.S. Antonysamy explains the Dynamics
Rev. Dr S. Lazer, SJ, Secretary
gives inaugural address
Rev. Dr M. Arockiasamy Xavier, SJ,
talks on the expectations
of e-generation learners
Dr Fatima Vasanth shares her views
on virtual classroom
Officials and Resource Persons releases the trainee manuals
Dr K.S. Antonysamy gives a demo
session on ‘learning by doing'
Sqn Ld Unni Nair trains Participants
to be energy teachers and trainers
Mr. Martin Robert highlights the characteristics of Gen Z
Dr Eric Miller, Director, considers storytelling as partnership paradigm
Prof. Edward Felix illustrates
staging as teaching tool
Prof. Supriya Sam uses songs
as learning resources
Participants plan for hands on experience
Participants put up their training session
Fundamentals of Teaching and Training by Rev. Dr Francis M. Peter SJ
Prof. Surnika Kannan discusses the importance of digital literacy in training
Dr K.S. Antonysamy honoured upon completion of 25 years at Loyola
Prof. S. Pencier hails the convener in his valedictory address
Dr D. Robert Selvam appreciates
the effort of Participants
Certificate Distribution
TOT Loyola 2018 Group



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