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I welcome you all wholeheartedly to the Department of Physics at Loyola College, Chennai. It drives me with a tremendous amount of happiness to put forth the activities of our department. We have immense pleasure to share that our department is located in a sprawling environment with the state-of-the-art facilities and has highly qualified and dignified faculty. The department flourishes with the principle of Ignatian Magis and addresses the critical challenges faced by the society, industry and the academia. It is worthwhile to express our care and commitment to our students, guiding them to learn, grow, develop and achieve their goals in their pursuits so as to excel in their professional career in a very influencing domain.

The department of physics is one of the star departments of the college with 20 faculty members and around 500 undergraduates, masters, masters of philosophy and doctoral students for the major subject, in addition to 250 students of allied subjects and 100 students for their elective subjects. Originating from a very strong application oriented path, the department's programmes continue to march forward with our visionary staff members consistently striving for the students so that they could reach beyond the boundaries bringing a lot of laurels to our nation. The department was established in the year 1926 as a UG department and evolved to offer postgraduate programme and doctoral programme from 1985 and 1992 respectively. The department is marching forward with full of enthusiasm and vigour after producing 137 doctorates. I take great pride in sharing that our department rigorously follows outcome-based education in the teaching learning process.

The department strives to provide a conducive environment for the students to develop scientific insights and practical skills and apply them to real world problems so that the humanity is served at large. In order to motivate the students, the department organizes regular trainings in various aspects of physics and to enrich their knowledge, the department arranges workshops, national and international conferences periodically. Faculty visits to leading universities in the globe is very much encouraged and appreciated. Awards, scholarships and recognitions speak a long way about the quality of faculty and students with the constant support and encouragements of the Management of Loyola College with its missionary zeal.

I congratulate the faculty members and the students for their sincere innovative efforts, achievements and contributions to our department. Let us all grow together to continue our duty with the scintillating spirit so that our department will continue to scale to greater heights in the years to come. Let me take this opportunity to thank and wish you all a great success.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”
-Sir Isaac Newton
Dr. J. Madhavan
Head, Department of Physics


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