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Director's Message

Dear Hostellers, 


Hearty welcome to the Loyola Women's Hostel!

‘Let your Light Shine', is the maxim that should ignite your heart and soul as you have the golden opportunity to bring out the best in you. The Ignatian pedagogy speaks of Context, Experience, Reflection, Action and Evaluation. 

Context would refer to your own skills which helps you to have your world vision.

Experience would refer to what you would become when opportunities are given to you; Reflection would refer to how you get deep into the richness of learning and find meaning in what you have learnt; Action would refer to how you would perform in the real world when demand arises for your action; Finally Evaluation would refer to your constant critical questioning of your own actions modifying. You are in the portals of Loyola College! Women's Hostel envisages you to realise the richness in the Ignatian style.

The facilities of the campus focus on facilitating you to ‘become' a person worthy of being ‘woman for others' by realizing and respecting the richness of multilingual and pluralistic culture. Have a rich learning experience. Forget not the dreams your parents have for you. Chase them and make those dreams a happy reality.

Let this campus empower you, dream big. Let this campus assure you the desired growth. Let this campus instill in you a new vigour.

May your presence in the hostel make it a lovely home by nurturing healthy relationship with other inmates.

It is apt for us to interiorize the sentiments of Rabindranath Tagore.

We came here as strangers, we live in Loyola as guests, but we leave this abode as friends.

I assure you along with my team that we are here, to give you our best, to realise your goals in the spirit of Ignatian Pedagogy.

‘All for the Greater Glory of God'.

And Finally I would like to conclude with the quote of Pope Francis on the "World Youth Day" 2018, "Do not be afraid… for you have found favour with God" (Lk 1:30). Today this message must echo all around us. Let's be aware that the present moment is not to frighten us with self-doubts, but to help us to face the challenges of life's situations.

“Bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is on its wings not on its branches.” 

Place your trust In GOD and believe in Yourself. 

My dear Hostellers, let's have a friendly interaction with each other and grow in mutual love.

Sr. Alice Mary
Director, Loyola Women's Hostel
Loyola College Campus,
Nungambakkam, Chennai-600 034.


Sr. Alice Mary

Loyola Women's Hostel,
Loyola College Campus, Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: (044) 28178452, (044) 28175457