Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

Bridge Courses

Loyola Student Induction Program (LSIP), a bridge course is offered as a one-week intensive course before the commencement of regular classes to I UG students of Shift I and Shift II to enhance their language skills, motivation, personality development and prepare them to align with Loyola Ethos and curriculum. Members of the staff from English, Kaushal Kendra and School of Human Excellence Departments are involved in the bridge course.

Course materials and lesson plans are designed exclusively for LSIP by the Dept. of English. On Day 1, the students take an Entry-level test and on Day 6 the Exit-level test. Based on the scores of the Entry-level test and demographic details, the students are streamlined into A and B stream for the next five days. LSIP 2019 involved 55 Teacher trainers and 40 Assistant trainers who are Ph. D Scholars, M.Phil. Scholars, PG students and 5 outside professionals and Scholars from Indiana University, USA. Around 2100 students benefitted from the bridge course. The sessions were between 8.30 A.M. and 3.30 P.M.

At the end of the session, the students wrote an exit level test and filled the feedback form. Based on their performance in the exit level test, the students were streamlined in to Advanced, Intermediate and Basic level General English course respectively. Course materials were prepared by the teachers and activities were conducted for the students.