Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

Soft Skills Development

The School of Human Excellence (SHE) is one of the academic units of Loyola College, committed to offer holistic formation to the students of Loyola College. The formation process is spearheaded by professors with experience in Soft Skills training.

They play a major role in developing soft skills of students and provide guidance to students in their value-centered pursuit towards becoming an empowered person in society.

Entwined with regular class sessions, the program offered by the School of Human Excellence is tailored with a sequence of Life Skills training, Skill Development Training, Awareness/Motivational talks, workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums and guest lectures.
Soft Skill Development Programs
Program Name Year No. of students benefitted
Soft Skills Training 2014-15 2232
Soft Skills Training 2015-16 2636
Soft Skills Training 2016-17 2948
Soft Skills Training 2017-18 3067
Soft Skills Training 2018-19 2828
Soft Skills Training 2019-20 2431
Soft Skills Training 2020-21 446
Life Issues and Coping
2019-20 2465
Life Issues and Coping strategies 2020-21 2297

Springboard Leadership Program - Organized by IQAC
5 Sessions of workshop during the academic year on various leadership skills


2014-15 70
2015-16 84
2016-17 92
2017-18 158
2018-19 139
2019-20 127
Loyola College offers a range of soft skill courses that enable students develop interpersonal skills, social etiquettes, professional skills, team skills and time management. Students can also avail courses that sharpens their communication skills -both spoken and written, problem solving skills and decision making skills.

The courses offered by the School of Human Excellence, Soft Skills Programs conducted by various departments and the club activities are aimed at developing self-esteem in students that will make them empowered and able to conduct themselves effectively in work and social environment.