Dean of Arts

Dean of Arts

Student - Oriented Services of the DOA

Arts, Commerce and Language students, intending to repeat the Continuous Internal Assessment tests (CIA), are required to seek permission (usually in the first week of the semester). Students are expected to apply to the DOA in the printed proforma only. The fees prescribed (Rs.50 per theory course and Rs.60 per practical) has to be paid to the Indian Overseas Bank, Loyola College Extension Counter.

Students wishing to enroll in any one of the optional courses under Arts for Science Students programme are expected to be present on the day and venue indicated on the notice board Options, once exercised, cannot be changed.

Arts, Commerce and Language students, who were detained on account of credit shortage can approach the DOA, in the first week of the semester with evidence of having acquired the necessary credits for promotion to the next year of study.

2nd year Students who have problems in enrolling in the `third language' programme are advised to approach the DOA at the earliest.

Students wishing to study abroad are advised to call on their respective HODs and to obtain a testimonial, before they seek a letter of reference or testimonial from the DOA.

Curricular Services

The office of the DOA helps the Arts, Commerce and Language faculty:

To obtain UGC guidelines on curriculum planning

To monitor and implement curricular changes suggested by the Academic Council of  the College

The DOA offers consultancy services to colleges on autonomy, restructuring of the curriculum for UG and PG courses and choice-based credit system (CBCS) and credit based semester system (CBSS).

The DOA's services can also be availed on matters relating to Academic Auditing, Accreditation, TQM in Education, Internal Quality Assurance, etc.

Documentary Services

The office of the DOA compiles and collates all new items pertaining to the college and the achievements of the staff and students. The office of the DOA prepares and revises the academic hand book of the college.

Liaison Services

The role of the DOA is to work in close liaison with the various faculties of Arts, Commerce and Language departments in the preparation of time tables and new courses, and between departments and the Office of the Controller of Exams.

The DOA's job is also to liaise between the college and the university on matters such as new degree programmes.

Staff Services

The DOA makes available the UGC guidelines on UGC major / minor research projects. The DOA also organises seminars / workshops relating to quality enhancement in teaching and learning.

Dr. Y. Alexander

Dean of Arts,
Loyola College, 
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: 91 44 28178313