Dean of Sciences

Dean of Sciences

The office of the Dean of Sciences offers vital services to the students and departments of the college in performing various academic activities effectively. The office primarily caters to the academic needs of the students. It responds to students' requests related to backlog, grievances concerning repeaters and arrears, lack of credits for promotion, letters of reference and various other academic-related concerns of the students. The grievances and petitions are processed in compliance with the existing rules and regulations set by the college.

The Dean of Sciences is responsible for the restructuring of the UG and PG curriculum from time to time working along with the Dean of Arts. The office organizes a two-day orientation program for the faculty members at the beginning of every academic year and also the annual graduation ceremony for the passed-out students. It also collaborates with the offices of Principal and Vice-Principal on all academic matters, assists the Vice-Principal in the preparation of various documents required by the accreditation bodies such as UGC, NAAC and University of Madras, provides assistance to the Vice-Principal as the Deputy Chief Superintendent in the conduct of semester examinations, and participates in all HODs meetings convened by the Principal. The office also receives visitors in connection with academic matters and shares Loyola's vision, mission and experiences with them. In addition to these, the Dean of Sciences associates with the Dean (College Development Council) of the University of Madras for academic matters. 

Responsibilities of Dean of Sciences are as follows :-
•  Ensuring course registration for various subjects related to AO, ME and NME for all the departments every semester.
•  Preparing general academic guidelines and timetable template for each program for all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses each semester.
•  Finalising the workload and timetable, receiving and approving the lesson plan, issuing notice related to the updating of the time table in ERP for all the science departments every semester.
•  Overseeing the CIA internal registration, students list registered for CIA internals / repeaters, time table, seating arrangement for the students during tests and exams, mark entry by the faculty for both arrears and regular papers, and issues related to CIA internal marks of the students.
•  Ensuring the matching of credits for the regular and arrear students.
• Overseeing the internship programs of First PG and Third UG classes regarding the time table, tenure and completion.
•  Responsible for course offering list and subsequent corrections.
•  Resolving any other specific issues / concerns related to teaching and curriculum.
•  Involving in new syllabus revisions / clarifications for new courses in UG and PG.
•  Facilitating in the implementation of any revisions announced by the UGC pertaining to the Teaching Plan, Policies and Processes from time to time.
•  Preparing the reportsrelated to the changes in the curriculum and ratifications to be tabled in the Academic council.
•  Ensuring smooth functioning of day-to-day activities related to academics.

Dr. J. Judith Vijaya

Dean of Sciences
Loyola College, 
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: 91 44 28178313