Dean of School of Human Excellence

Dean of School of Human Excellence

I. The Foundational idea for the Foundation Studies
The department offers courses that help Loyola student understand social reality and form his/her personality and develop skills that place the intellectual base structure to a certain extent for his/her studies at the college. It is obligatory for every undergraduate student without which s/he will not be awarded his degree. The fundamentals of the foundation studies are intended to reflect and follow the charism of the College which is forming men and women for others that makes them shine in the world. This is a Jesuit character of the college. That is the difference that Loyola wants to make in the lives of its students. 

II. Objectives
· To provide the students with an opportunity to understand their personality, handle  their personal problems and gain confidence about him/herself. 
· To enhance their personality by inculcating human and ethical values that forms the character while s/he sharpens his/her intellect. 
· To build up the student's confidence in his/her academic abilities 
· To equip the students with the skills that they will need to benefit from and participate in the next levels of their educational course
· To help the students develop appreciation and respect for multi-religious and multi-cultural fabric of Indian society
· To train the students acquire a critical outlook of the society they live in and develop  a deep sense of compassion for the marginalized
· To make the students realize the importance of maintaining ecological balance and learn about the basics of bio-environment

II Courses

The following four courses are taught in four semesters one in each semester. The completion of the four courses will give seven credits to the students. 

Semester I Personality Development (PD) - Credit 1
Semester II Life Skills and coping strategies (LICS) - Credit 1
  i) Christian Doctrine (CD) ) / Scriptures 
  ii) Living Faiths of World and Social Harmony (LFW)
Semester III Social Awareness (SA) - Credit 1
Semester IV Environment Studies (ES) - Credit 1

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